Tuesday 2nd April - Friday 5th April 9.00am , 9.35am , 10.10am £40.00 for a weeks course £2.00 per swim for Parent & Toddler 

Parent & toddler

Have some fun with your toddler without instructors. The toys and floats will be available to use.


An introduction to basic strokes with the assistance of floatation aids for children aged 3 half.


For children already confident in the water who need to improve their strokes & water skills.

Advanced Stamina, Starts & Turns

For children who have achieved 50 metres + who would like to be introduced to stamina, starts and turns. 10.10am

Rookie Lifesaver

Swimmers who have achieved 50 metres + this will include water safety, poolside rescue skills and dry side with first aid. 9.35am